5 Best Plugins for Amazon Affiliates Beginners

5 Best Plugins for Amazon Affiliates Beginner

If you are just starting to become an Amazon Marketer, you may have probably experienced some challenges when it comes to promoting products in your niche. It might involve writing reviews, creating comparison tables, and making the pages look more attractive and responsive. If you do all these manually, it can be a very time-consuming process, not to mention a headache for beginners.

Good thing is, there are Amazon WordPress plugins that are designed for both beginner and experienced affiliates. But even with those plugins, choosing the right plugin is also an arduous process as there are hundreds to choose from. As an Amazon Affiliates beginner, I have listed top five plugins you should consider for your website:

1. Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer


This plugin is pretty straightforward. When you activated it in your WP dashboard, the plugin will automatically convert your links into an affiliate link and then redirect users to the Amazon site based on their current location. In this case, users from the UK will be redirected to the same product on Amazon.co.uk while users in the US will be redirected to the Amazon US website.

Why You Need It

Once this plugin is installed, it will automatically localize Amazon URLs based on your visitor’s location. That applies even for your existing link. Under the Amazon affiliate program, you’ll only earn a commission from the Amazon store to which the visitor is redirected. That means that even if the visitor clicked through your amazon.com link but decided to purchase from an Amazon.co.uk, you’ll not get a commission. With the Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer, you would not have to bother as you’ll be able to automatically redirect site visitors to their local Amazon stores. That way, you’ll get a commission on their purchases.

2. Amazon Reloaded


When you have this plugin, you can easily insert text and image links from Amazon’s product database. You will also have the option on which Amazon locale to use. Since it uses the DOMDocument class, json_encode, and the plugin code syntax, you need to have PHP5 to run this plugin.

Why You Need It

Amazon Reloaded allows you to easily grab and include images and text links into your post without leaving your website. As an administrator, you can choose which Amazon location you wish to use. Your options include United States, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. This plugin will not require you to format the links or images so integrating them into your post can be done almost instantly and with ease.

3. Amazon Product in a Post Plugin


Using the Amazon Product Advertising API, this plugin is designed to make it easier for you to add Amazon products you want to showcase into any post on your website, along with their product descriptions or reviews. After you install this plugin, you’ll just have to enter your Amazon details in the options page and it will be ready to add products to your post.

Why You Need It

There are several benefits you can get when you install this plugin. One is that it lets you easily add items that are applicable to your niche straight from the Edit Post window. These products can be added to the bottom or top of your post or can be made as a part of your layout.

4. AmazonSimpleAdmin


Embedding Amazon products into a post is much easier and faster with this plugin. This is done through the use of [asa]ASIN[/asa] tags. It comes with a template feature that lets you present Amazon products in diverse styles and on different pages. This can be done almost instantly using BBCode tags. Please note that to install this plugin, you need PHP5 installed in your website.

Why You Need It

The AmazonSimpleAdmin lets you present Amazon products in different styles across your pages, making your post more attractive. While you could use the available templates, you are also free to design your own. Among its unique features is it lets you feature a set of products and present them using only one BBCode tag.

5. Pinterest “Pin It” Button


Pinterest has over 70 million users and still counting. This makes the website an amazing avenue for generating traffic. When you install this plugin, it will add a simple “pin it” button on the images as your users hover their mouse pointer on those images. When a user clicks on an image, it would be automatically “pinned” in their account.

Why You Need It

You need it for one simple reason: to attract more traffic. When Pinterest users “pin” images on your website, the opportunity of sharing that image to their friends and contact is endless.

Wrap Up!

Plugins makes the WordPress admin panel more user friendly. Even if you are just a beginner or don’t have the technical know-how to interface with Amazon, you can already start building an affiliate site with ease through the use of these plugins.

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    Having a strong strategy for Amazon affiliates is one of the most important parts of blog’s monetization plan. Amazon is a wonderful affiliate program to be part of because almost everyone orders from Amazon.

    In my opinion, it is one of the most wonderful ways to make an income from your blog. Pinterest ranks top when it comes to trust. It has also been reported that the platform is driving more referral traffic than Twitter, which is especially surprising considering that it is still invite only.

    You have discussed beneficial sets of tools which will surely very helpful for people to make their large earning. Eventually, thanks for exploring.

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