7 Unconventional Writing Tips to Woo Your Readers

7 Unconventional Writing Tips to Woo Your Readers

You love writing. That’s why you created a blog, wrote some articles, and hit the publish button.

You expected a traffic outrage! Nothing happened, nada!

What’s the number of visitors? Three? Four? Or ten? Most of the times, your multiple visits, your friends’ pity visits are what you get.

Have you ever thought why this happens?

Do you want to get out of this menace of having a readers drought?

Don’t worry! I have got you a few unconventional writing tips to woo your readers.

Before you begin to read the core of this post, let me bust the myth.

No, you don’t get outrageous traffic by following these tips. Nonetheless, you will get regular (no matter how small) audience base. A person who reads your content once will wait for you to post articles.

Unconventional Writing Tips

So yeah, the following are the uncommon tips on writing I was talking about.

·         Write in the Reverse Order

I know it sounds crazy.

Let me ask you one thing. Have you ever gone through writer’s block, a state where the cursor on the blank white screen mocks at you?

Writing in the reverse order is the best way to crush the writer’s block like a boss.

Once you get the plot or the idea to write an article, story, novel or anything, decide the end. Then, weave the previous events in such a way that those bring the reader to the ultimate ending.

If you follow this tip, you will have the freedom to choose a heart thumping finish. Following the conventional way restricts you because you should go with the ending that suits the previous event you wrote.

·         Make I, We and One Enemies

Do you get it?

Let me break it out for you.

Most of us make this mistake. We start from making ‘I’ as the protagonist. But as the writing progresses, it may become we or one.

You should use the first, second or the third person as the storyteller, not everything at all.

I don’t mean you should stop using all three types of nouns in a single piece of content. Mark the word, story teller.

If you make ‘I’ as the storyteller, follow the same pattern overall.

You have to take a conscious effort to avoid this mistake because it will be hard to spot such a thing especially after you finish writing a whopping novel.

·         Ask this Key Question Before You Write Anything

Every writer should ask a key question before he/she writes anything.

So, what’s the question? I know you are excited about it.

Am I excited about reading such a piece of content?

It may look simple and maybe nonsensical to you. But no, not at all!

Don’t write even a single word you hate to read. Always write from your interests. Write something you want to read about as a reader.

That’s how you create your reader persona from your interest.

If you like it, there will be many with the same mindset.

·         Kill Your Darlings

No, don’t pick up a knife or gun. 😉

As a writer, you use a few words more often than others. And, some idioms, phrases, redundant usages also come to your content.

I specified those as your darlings.

You must avoid using unnecessary words, phrases and idioms in your content.

Make your copy lean!

How can you do it?

Write drunk, edit sober.

While you are in front of the white screen, write anything that comes to your mind. Once you finish the piece, give it a day or two.

Finally, come back and edit like you didn’t drink before. I mean with full consciousness!

·         Talk to Yourself

Do you want to be a popular reader?

Then the best thing is writing like you converse. Getting some to talk when you have something to write is not always feasible.

Sometimes people even think you are crazy as you talk something they don’t have any interest in.

That’s why you should cultivate a new YOU. And, talk with him.

Be the both ends and get the conversation going.

No, I am not crazy. It will work well for you.

I have written the entire post by following this method. Before I write each interactive question in this article, I asked myself.

·         Copy the Work of Your Favorite Writer by Hand

Having nothing to write about sucks!

You know your posting schedule reached the door. Still, your mind is blank with no ideas.

If you find yourself in this situation often, you must copy any work of your favorite author by hand.

Don’t type it! Just pick a pen and paper. Then, continue copying it word by word.

Not only does it brings saplings of creativity into your mind, but improves your writing as well.

Doing this every day surely helps. Make room for this activity in your schedule. Your writing gets clean and impressive over the time, trust me.

·         Use Power Words in Your Title and Content

Have you ever heard of power words?

Simply put, the words that express a strong emotion are termed as power words. Jon Morrow of SmartBlogger impressively uses this tip to woo his readers.

Look at the title of this article. The word woo is a power word.

Want more on this? Check out Helen on her blog “1000+ Power Words That Sell to Maximize Your Conversions.”

Wrapping Up

You have got seven unusual writing tips to stun your audience with your content.

Still not convinced?

Just follow these for a month. Before you hit publish, check you obeyed each trick given here. Then, get ready to receive spellbinding comments from your readers.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Just scribble down the same as a comment below.

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