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a2 hosting vs siteground

a2 Hosting vs Siteground ( June 2017) – Pros and Cons For Easy Decision

You have decided to start an online blogging business to earn, to make a living, to travel, or buy a nice dinner for your Wife/ Husband, but you are stuck with a2 Hosting vs Siteground. Is that correct?

It is an easy decision and I am going to share through my personal experience with both of them.

One of the toughest and overwhelming ​task to do online for your blog is choosing hosting. As a beginner and single mistake can cost you money and time. That makes you even more difficult to decide hosting.

Well, no worries, this post is exactly what you are looking for​ and it will help you decide between this two popular shared WordPress hosting provider.

a2 Hosting vs Siteground

It isn't easy to compare these two hosting company as they have their own unique features and offers for the customers. However, our editorial choice is Siteground, and we have rated as per our experience with them, performance, up-time, features, pricing, customer support and reliability. Moreover, our own website, Blogging On My Mind is hosted on Siteground.

You probably might have noticed it's loading speed, provided you with good reading experience​ and seen our website in the first page of google for many keywords. 

Yes, that's right. If you choose the right hosting provider, your site will load faster, will provide good user experience, won't face any down-time issues, can get constant customer care, can rank better in google as page-load speed is one of their algorithm and, you will get more subscribers and increase the potential of earning online.

That's exactly what happened to me after switching to Siteground. The money started coming in.​

If you want the answer and clear your mind right away, then Siteground is the winner for a2 hosting vs Siteground.​

Why Siteground?

I have announced already that Siteground is the winner for a2 hosting vs Siteground. The reason, for announcing before I began comparison is I am confident of my words and I want to make it quick if you needed the answer instantly. 

Anyway, the detailed comparison on why Siteground is mentioned below.​

1. Higher Recommendation on Facebook Polls

According to one of the recent Facebook Polls conducted for various recommendation on hosting, only 6 people voted for a2 hosting whereas, 61 People have voted for Siteground. You can see the huge difference in it.

2. Better Billing Cycle and Pricing

a2 hosting claims to offer 3 cents lower than siteground, but it is just a trick. In order to get the lowest price from a2 hosting, you need to subscribe for three years. 

In the other hand, Siteground offers at fixed rate, i.e. $3.95 per month whether you subscribe for a year or two or three.​

a2 Hosting Billing and Pricing

Siteground Billing and Pricing

Price for one year a2 hosting basic plan is $8.99 per month, whereas it is only $3.95 for Siteground.

So obviously Siteground is the winner for a2 hosting vs Siteground as it is $5.04 (More than 100%) cheaper than a2 hosting.

Lets do some maths in pricing

a2 hosting

$8.99 (for 12 months subscription)

$107.88 per year​


$3.95 (for 12 months subscription)

$47.4 per year

100% + Savings
$ 60.48 Total Savings

3. Better and Faster Support Response

As a beginner in blogging, you will come up with a lot of doubts and questions. I can remember contacting support team for more than 10 times a day. The burning passion and excitement, and the wanting of your site getting live soon won't leave you with patience. But what, when you had to wait for an hour or two, or sometime forever to get your simple question answered. The frustration builds up for the long wait. That's the reason, support response is important in choosing your hosting.

I personally tried the Live Chat​ support system for both and below is the snap shot of it.

I had to wait in a long queue to get support through a2 Live chat. And it took me more than an hour to get to them.

Whereas on the other hand, I was able to contact Siteground instantly, by simply entering my name, email id and the question.

4. Up-Time

Do you want your website to be in first page of Google? Then your site must have good up-time. The recent updates have confirmed that one of the important algorithms to rank in Google is the up-time.

The study have revealed that it can cost $7900 for remaining downtime for single minute.​

The good news is, Siteground was recorded for remaining 100% up-time. You can check the snap shot below and judge the winner for a2 hosting vs Siteground.

5. Page load Speed

Checkout what people are saying on twitter, after they have migrated their site to Siteground. They all have given positive reviews, particularly for their fast page-load speed.

I personally use GrowBig account for bloggingonmymind and the speed that have delivered, I loved it. It have improved my rankings in search engines, delivered better readership to the visitors and improve my overall performance.

6. Unlimited Emails

Siteground offers unlimited emails whereas a2 hosting offers only 25. So if you are looking for something with unlimited emails then, Siteground is the grow.

7. Unlimited Database​

If you want to start an online class, where you want to teach your followers on WordPress and want to open separate WordPress for them. Or may be you have a big company and want to open more than 5 subdomain then you definitely need to go with Siteground, as they offer unlimited Database. 

8. Inbuilt Cloudflare CDN

Content Delivery Network or CDN in short is blooming in the market to make the site even more faster and secure. According to the tutorial published by Blogging Wizard on How To Make WordPress Faster With W3 Total Cache + CloudFlare, it involves high level of skills and a very long procedure to set up.

But siteground makes it easier, as it have inbuilt Cloudflare CDN and absolutely for free. Of course, there is Plus option for more advanced site but the free plan is more than enough for beginner's site. Even I use the free version. With the matter of single click, you can easily enable cloudflare CDN on your site and make it faster and secure. 

9. Easier and Faster Setup

It takes only 2 minutes for siteground site to be live. The sign up process is very simple and all the forms are aligned in user friendly.

a2 hosting signup is bit complicated and lengthy process and it takes several minutes for you site to get live. 

10. Separate WordPress Hosting

If you want your site to be hosted with WordPress, as we all do, then siteground offers separate WordPress hosting plans. Unlike other hosting providers, they do not charge extra for it, which means whether you opt for simply hosting or WordPress hosting, the price is going to be same.

As in a2 hosting, they do not have such features and you just have to opt for their shared hosting.​

11. Larger Knowledge Database

You can check out the knowledge database of Siteground by clicking here. As you can see that, it contains a lot of WordPress tutorials on how to set up, security, plugins, advanced topics with easy and understandable text with video as well. Forget about a2, non of the hosting company in the market today have such knowledge database. 

So, if you are completely new, then you can easily access their knowledge base and learn on various process and cool features of WordPress. ​By going through it, you can save time and money and enhance your online presence quickly and more effectively.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Throughout this post, I have been explaining why Siteground is better web hosting for your wordpress site when compared, a2 hosting vs Siteground.

By now I am sure that, the doubts and every question that you have while choosing the best host for your site is being answered and solved. Though I am affiliate to both company and earn more with a2, but I would recommend Siteground hosting. So this review is an honest and recommended upon testing personally. Don't hesitate and I am confident enough to tell you to go for Siteground Hosting. 

Choosing the right hosting means more money in your pocket. Go get it now!​

Siteground Summarized

  • Higer Recommendation on Facebook
  • Better Billing Cycle and Pricing
  • Better and Faster Support Response
  • 100% up-time
  • Fastest Page Load Speed
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Database
  • Inbuilt Cloudflare CDN
  • Easier and Faster Setup Process
  • Separate WordPress Hosting Plans
  • Larger Knowledge Database

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