I am a Physical Therapist by day, Author and Blogger by night. Originally from the Kingdom of Bhutan, but writing has given me the opportunity to work from anywhere and connected me to the whole world! I am now in my third year of blogging, and love the freedom it gives me to pursue a career in something I am so passionate about. When I am not in the clinic, I spend my time writing and learning new and successful blogging techniques to optimize my earning potential.

What’s stopping you to be better blogger everyday? Is it the untold strategies to earn online, not able to write a better blog or is it your physical problems like back, neck, and muscle pain. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, you are in the right place. In this blog, I will share tips and strategies to maintain your physical health to blog better in pain-free life.

You know what? You should consider me your confidant; your new found best friend from today! I want to share with you all I have learned in my three years of blogging to help you be the best blogger you can be. Blogging as well as any new business or hobby can be intimidating, I know! But here you will find tips on starting from scratch, utilizing the best blog platforms available, as well as information about monetizing your blog and increasing your earning potential.

When I was toying with the idea of beginning my own blog, my beautiful wife, who is a blogger herself, inspired me to get started. I was hesitant because I, like you, probably have heard negative stories about how earning an income on the internet was nearly impossible or “too good to be true”. While that may be the case for unmotivated individuals, I am here to show you the way around the stigma. With hard work and persistence, it is possible to profit from your passion for writing.

My goal is to guide bloggers old and new through the triumphs and mistakes I’ve made in my own blogging career, to assist aspiring writers in taking the plunge into this lucrative world of words. Here you will learn how to blog productively by implementing valuable, and interesting content to increase your online earnings – Who doesn’t love a little extra money in the bank.