Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

Blogging comes in two flavors: hosted (someone else provides the blog so you do not have to install it) and self-hosted (you find a web host and install WordPress yourself). You probably do not think of yourself as a technical person, so installing your own blog may sound costly and techno stuffs. You’ve probably also noticed the large number of free hosted blogs like, or So why go to the trouble of setting up your own blog? Or why spend money for the self-hosted WordPress blog? The question between the hosted and the self-hosted has always been on and add up doubts for “Which is the best blogging platform to make money?”

But let me explain why self-hosted WordPress blogging platform is always better to blog as well as to earn money.

7 Reasons Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs Is The Best Blogging Platform To Make Money

1. You control your destiny

When your WordPress blog is hosted by another person they control your destination. If they think your content is a bit too commercial, they can drop the hammer in a second without even bothering to tell it. Boom account suspended- no more blogs, no more customers, and no more earnings.

Moreover, hosted blogs do not allow you to sell things (Affiliate links and your digital assets) directly from the site anyway.

On the other hand, your self-hosted WordPress blogs, you control your destiny. You can sell affiliate links and your digital assets like videos, music, photographs, eBooks, webinars and Podcast directly on your blogs.

Affiliate marketing and selling your own digital assets are great ways to earn great money today. There is no limits and do not have to fear of your account getting suspended while blogging on self-hosted WordPress blogs.

2. Customize, customize, customize

None of the major free blogging platforms allow you to use add-ons. Plugins give WordPress its undisputed power by providing a way for non-technical users to add important features to their site: shopping carts, search engine optimization, ad networks, flexible event calendars, social bookmarks, RSS syndication, beautiful share and tweeting buttons, Facebook page and thousands of other essential Business Functions.

3. Get Ads Revenue

Do you have an idea for a site that could hit you with the lucrative (serious) demographic train model, or Bikram yoga, or currency crowds? Great! But if you go with a hosted blog solution, you will not get the advertising revenue. And by the way, you probably will not have the option of opting for ads, or who advertises.

Highest paying ads network companies like Google Adsense and does not entertain free blogging platforms like or Though Google Adsense provide their service in but getting approved is debatable as compared to self-hosted blogs.

The ad revenue is one of the primary reasons why the self-hosted WordPress is the best blogging platform to make money in 2017.

4. You can get under the hood

Themes are very important for your blogs. It attracts visitors, allows you to get more subscribers and more conversation to take place. (Which means money at the end)

Many WordPress themes can not be used to their greatest advantage without adjusting your PHP code a little. Do not worry, you can usually find instructions on what to do. But free hosted blogs do not give you access to the code. You have to use the same boring themes as all other clients for that host.

There are thousands and thousands of themes for your self-hosted blogs. All of them can give a dynamic look for your blogs.

5. You control the audio, you control the video

The most interactive themes and plugins use Javascript. Javascript is disabled or disabled on free hosted blog sites, as it can be used for nefarious purposes. Do you want the most recent lightbox-style photo gallery? I’m sorry, you’re not lucky. The level of fine tuning you can do goes a long way in helping your ad revenues and earnings on self-hosted WordPress blogs.

6. Own your domain

Most hosted blogs do not allow you to host the site on your own domain. It is one of them. So instead of your website is, which ends up as or Not very professional. Which makes the self-hosted WordPress blog the best blogging platform to make money online.

7. Can move out easily

If you want to switch to another host, you’ll find moving your messages from a free hosted site to include a long list of mysterious enchantments and rituals at best, and a ton of time-consuming and soul-deadening copying and pasting at the worst. If you go with a self-hosted site, it’s just a matter of copying a database file and moving it to the next site. And many hosting servers will do it for you at no cost to get your business and can move out easily.

One young and enthusiastic blogger asked me yesterday, “I want to open free blogs first and later migrate to self-hosted WordPress blogs, is it a right decision?” Most of my friends ask that same question as well. To answer in simple ways.

1. It cost you time

2. It cost you extra money

3. You need high level of coding skills to migrate properly

4. Building Audience back to your new self-hosted WordPress blogs will be harder when you migrate. (Which means you are losing potential customers)

5. Duplicate content detection. As your contents will be already indexed in Google from your old free blogging sites, copying it to your new self-hosted WordPress will lead to duplicate content detection. For that, you will receive the penalty from Google, and your site may not ever appear on Google’s first page. (You will be not getting any traffic from Google)

6. Maintaining one website from the very beginning is good practice in blogging rather than migrating and maintaining multiple sites.

7. Why free blogging platform? When you have the potential to blog and earn online.

Wrap Up!

Although the hosted WordPress platform is cheaper and could be easier to manage but if you are building a business and thinking of generating massive or passive income and earnings online, then self-hosted WordPress blog is the best blogging platform to make money.

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