Best Fiverr Alternatives to Earn Money Online in 2017

Best Fiverr Alternatives to Earn Money Online in 2017

Are you looking for sites like Fiverr to earn money online? You may be a freelancer who wants to diversify the source of online income. Or else, you might be finding difficult to earn money from Fiverr that you want another place.

That’s exactly why I am here. Here in this post, I have covered a bunch of top Fiverr alternative sites you can rely upon. Are you ready to get into the list? Here you go!

N.B.- Of course, you may want a source to buy services. But this post has been written from a freelancer’s perspective. Obviously, you can go for buying services from these sources no matter what.

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Best Fiverr Alternatives 2017

You know the power of Fiverr, don’t you? You can get paid for even a small job. Given that most of the people are busy doing their own chores, they pay others to finish tiny tasks. What does it give to you? Well, you earn a handy amount doing the same thing to many people.

So, an ideal Fiverr alternative should allow us to make money from simple jobs. In this list of best alternatives to Fiverr, what you will find are ideal ones.

Without further ado, “Look at your life and look at your choices.”

1. SEOClerks

Best Fiverr Alternatives SEOclerks

Do you have knowledge on SEO? Then, you can easily cash in on it using SEOClerks. We all know organic traffic is much profitable when it comes to blogging. So, there are tons of people looking forward to bringing their sites up on SERPs. There you go! Being one of the best Fiverr alternatives, SEOClerks don’t limit you from charging anywhere from $1 to $100.

What if you are a digital marketer who wants some help in SEO? Well, you can use SEOClerks for that too. There are tons of gigs available for you. All you have to do is making the right selection. You may be charged prior to the delivery of the work. SEOClerks is a fraud-free platform that you will never get cheated on.

When you check out the site, you will know the numerous numbers of people working as an SEO consultant on SEOClerks. Moreover, you can analyze the reviews and description of a gig to stumble upon the right one.

I know you may not be looking for sites like Fiverr, exclusive to SEO only. That’s why I have created a lengthier list.

2. PeoplePerHour

Next up in this list of top Fiverr alternatives is PeoplePerHour. Do you want to diversify your income streams? I know you want; who doesn’t like an alternate income source! So, PeoplePerHour is an excellent choice for you.

The best feature of PeoplePerHour is ranking in the order of monthly economic activity. On most of the freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, profiles or gigs are ranked upon the number of positive reviews. So, experienced sellers get an upper hand here. That’s why PeoplePerHour ranks profiles in the descending order of economic activity.

Unlike Fiverr, you will get a chance to search for jobs here. The buyers post different jobs with their requirements. If you think you fulfill them, you can send proposals. In a month, it is possible for you to send 15 proposals for free. In any case, you think 15 aren’t enough, you can increase the quota by paying them.

Another important feature PPH has is Hourlies, using which you can post a 30 seconds video to cash in more.

In case you want to buy a service, I suggest you going with PeoplePerHour over Fiverr because the quality of freelancers is much better here.

3. Microworkers

I know you are not satisfied with the two alternatives to Fiverr given above. So, let’s have a look at the next one.

On both the two freelance marketplaces I have given, you have to master a skill to make money. You need to have expertise in SEO, article writing, backlink building, or any other task. On the contrary to that, Microworkers is available for everyone.

You need to know what microwork is. Simply put, it is a task you can complete in minutes, or maybe in seconds. The job can be anything from filling a form to sharing on social media. The tougher the task, the higher the remuneration will be.

What if you are a digital marketer who wants a helping hand with your client’s social media campaign? Well, you can hire anyone from here to provide likes or increase engagements.

As a worker, you must complete the work in time. Moreover, you have to give them ample proofs to show you have finished the task. If you submit fake proof or try to do any fraudster activity, they will give you the negative rating, which in term affects the work volume.

With that being said, let’s move on to the next Fiverr-like website.

4. 99designs

Every business owner needs the help of a graphic designer. Sometimes, even people with no digital marketing background require someone to help them with the graphic designing. I know there is Fiverr, which can give you a $5 logo. But have you ever compared with the design from Fiverr with that comes from another top-notch designer? You will be awestricken to know the difference. Moreover, a professional designer gives you multiple choices to pick the best one from.

If you want to get the best logo for your website, you must go with 99designs. Of course, the price will be higher than what you have familiarized with Fiverr. But I can assure you that every penny you spend on it makes you feel like it is worth it.

Maybe, you are a designer. Well, you have found the best Fiverr alternative then. You may be working for peanuts on the five dollar platform. And, it is the time to revamp yourself to learn more and earn better.

Given that 99designs are a reputed place to get awesome logos done, your profile will work like an efficient portfolio. What are you waiting for? Just head over to 99designs and join as a designer there.

5. Konker

Next one in this list of job sites like Fiverr is Konker. I know it. You may be new to this one. Don’t worry! I personally know many people working as a freelancer on it. So, you don’t have to be skeptical.

If you ask me for the best Fiverr alternative with the least transaction fee, I can’t help myself from recommending Konker to you. When you deliver your work, you can take a whopping 95%. Yeah, you heard it right!

Another interesting feature of Konker is the affiliate program. When you bring someone to your service page, you will get to keep 95% if you buy it. And, the best thing is you can earn 17.5% of anything else they buy. On analyzing the affiliate programs of all other marketplaces, I came to know that Konker is one of the top websites like Fiverr in terms of affiliate commission.

As a freelancer, you can create custom coupons or deals to increase your sales. Due to the higher percentage of affiliate commission, Konker managed to get thousands of people signing up for the program. So, you will never have to worry about advertising your services. The affiliates will take care of it.

6. Gigbucks

Let me tell you before you dive deep into reading about Gigbucks; it has nothing better than Fiverr. The only advantage you have is a low competition. Unlike Fiverr, there are not many working on Gigbucks as a freelancer. So, it will get you a good chance to be exposed to potential buyers.

Gigbucks isn’t a niche specific platform. So, you can make money from all your interests and fields you have expertise at. Similar to Fiverr, you need to post gigs to start working. When someone who is in need sees your gig and finds it suitable, he/she will order. And, you should deliver the work within the time you stated in the gig.

You can price your gigs anywhere from $5 to $50. I recommend you check out the gigs from your niche to find out the pricing trend. In order to increase the value of yours, you can add some extra tasks. So, buyers will never choose your competitors. Everyone loves more for least price, right?

What do these Fiverr alternatives charge? Well, they will take 20% of your earning. I know you may not be satisfied with it. The disappointing fact is the 20% doesn’t involve transaction fees too. Hence, PayPal or other payment service charges another 2% or more as well.

If you want to earn more as a freelancer, I recommend you go with valuable gigs and quality work delivered timely. Along with PayPal, you can also get paid via Payza or Alertpay.

7. Fourerr

For a buyer, it’s always good to get quality work at a cheap price. From the name itself, you might have understood that Fourerr is one of the best Fiverr alternatives. As the name suggests, it offers services at a buck cheaper than that of the competitor.

Did you check out the six Fiverr alternatives sites given above? If you did, you could know that most of them try to copy the working of Fiverr without publicizing it. On the other hand, Fourerr takes pride in announcing they work like Fiverr. Everything is the same unless the pricing.

You can price your gigs at four dollars. As you add extra services, you can price the gigs at a higher price. Just like Fiverr, you have to earn the good reputation in the form of reviews to get ranked at top positions. For that, you have to be a bit creative and generous in the beginning.

By the time, you go on to become experienced, they will reward you with different badges, which of course, work like freelancer levels on Fiverr.

They take 20% of your earning as a fee. And, the payment method is PayPal only. Provided the service charge is a significant percent, you should post extra services as you become experienced to price higher and earn more.

Are you a buyer? Do you want quality service at a cheap price? Then, Fourerr will be the place you are looking for. You need to be smart about the gig selection, though.

8. Upwork

I know you heard of Upwork before. It is more of a legitimate freelance marketplace than a Fiverr alternative. Upwork doesn’t work on gigs creation. Instead, you have to send proposals for the published job requirements. There are tons of people making a living from this marketplace. So, you can do that too.

You don’t get too many proposal quotas in the beginning. In order to up the number of weekly proposals, you have to pass in different tests available on Upwork. When you succeed on those, it will be displayed on your profile and that makes it easy for the buyers to analyze whether you are suitable or not.

The marketplace is a competitive platform. You have to have some experience in your given niche to get more proposals on your way. In case you find Upwork is not for you, I am sure you will utilize all the seven Fiverr alternatives I have given above.

There are two different tasks available on Upwork; for an hourly rate and fixed fees. You need to have a tracker on your computer for the first kind.

Wrapping Up

You have got eight best Fiverr alternatives here. What do you think? Which one you like the most?

I hope you will share your experience with us in the comment section if you tried any of the sites given here. And, you can always come here to share your feedback too.

Have you got any friends who always look for ways to earn money online? Don’t forget to share this article with them.

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