How to Build an Appealing Blog Post

How to Build an Appealing Blog Post

Lack of traffic got you bummed out?

Your blog may need packaging work.

Building an appealing blog post is pretty easy if you follow a few simple tips.

Don’t forget to add the meat though. Make your blog pretty but heavy on substance too.

Benefits of Creating Appealing Posts

1. Get more social shares.

2. Attract more comments.

3. Brand yourself intelligently.

4. Move up into higher blogging circles.

I admit; if I see a pretty-looking blog I am more likely to connect with the blogger through social media. Just the way it is since most of us are big on presentation.

5. Boost your blog traffic.

6. Increase your blog income.

Follow these tips to craft attention-grabbing blog posts.

1: Focus on Presentation and Meat

Focus on both aspects of building an eye-popping blog post: presentation and meat.

The presentation involves the pretty-ing of your site. Did you make it look purdy? Clean? Simple?

Then factor in the meat; the depth, length, and helpfulness of content on your site.

Cheap-looking blogs scare off readers. Thin posts send readers heading for the hills even more quickly.

Think through both your blog’s overall presentation and the quality and richness of the content you are offering to hit both aspects of building an appealing blog post.

Trash any ads, pages or posts that do not fully align with your blog topic and overall brand. Be ruthless as you trim the sidebar hedges, not unlike Edward Scissorhands. If you trim the fat your blog will look so much better to your readers.

2: Go Premium

Go premium. Or go home.

Appealing blog posts are associated with appealing-looking blogs. You can’t outfox your theme.

Buy a premium WordPress theme. Or hire a web developer to design a theme for you.

Either way, going the premium route emits a professional vibe which adds to the overall presentation of your blog posts.

Avoid going with free or cheap-looking, bargain-basement themes. Do you want to become a pro blogger? Or a blogging fool? It’s not cool to be a blogging fool but it is fun to be a full-time, professional blogger.

Invest in your future and create an eye-catching blog. Go with a premium theme.

3: Solve Specific Problems

Your blog’s appeal rests on how readily you solve your reader’s problems.

Maybe you passed the look test with a premium theme and clean formatting. But unless you add meat to the post and solve specific problems you won’t draw in prying eyes.

Most folks don’t judge a blog just by it’s cover. They open it up and take it for a test spin by reading a few recent blog posts.

Spend time getting to know your readers. Ask them questions. What are they struggling with? Craft answers around these questions to better connect with your audience and to publish attention-grabbing blog posts.

Publish 1,000-word posts or longer. Give your readers something to sink their teeth into.

Short posts are repelling. Ditch the thin postings. Go robust to entice your audience.

4: Use Short Paragraphs

Use short, punchy paragraphs to drill home your points and to craft a visually appealing blog post.

We filter content top down. Like following a typewriter. Writing short, punchy paragraphs helps readers process and filter your posts more easily.

Form the habit of beginning new paragraphs after writing 2 to 4 sentences.

5: Use Short and Punchy Sentences

Ditto for short and punchy sentences.

We can only process so much information per sentence before it becomes a run on creation.

Keep things short and punchy. Brief, powerful sentences are easy on the eyes and drill the point home.

6: Improve your Grammar

Post with good grammar adds authoritative, value and increase readability to make your post appealing.

If you want to improve your Grammar, there are two ways to do it. You can either hire an editor for your post or you can do it yourself.

Doing it yourself might sound so technical and difficult as English isn’t the first language for all. But tools like Grammarly can improve your grammar up to professional level.

Your Turn

How are you creating appealing blog posts?

What tips can you add to this list?

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