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How to buy a domain and web hosting from Bluehost?

If you want to start a self-hosted WordPress blog, you know you need a domain and the web hosting. But being newbie in the blogosphere, it is extremely overwhelming and confusing. To avoid such confusions and making mistakes that can cost you more money, in this post, I am going to show you step by step on how to buy a domain and hosting from Bluehost.

There are many other companies providing hosting and domain registration but Bluehost is the most recommended hosting providers today. Be it for a beginner or multi-million dollar company, they have a go and it is one of the affordable and reliable hostings as well.

I have been personally using Bluehost to host my blogs as well as for my clients. It has been a great experience, smooth, fast and easy to use and access. Therefore, I too recommend you to go with Bluehost as it is easier and it takes only 15 minutes for your website to be ready.

Let’s get started.

Step by step to buy a domain and hosting from Bluehost.

1. Check domain availability.

To proceed further, check whether your domain in your mind is available or not. All you need to do is, enter the domain name below inside the box and click the check availability button.

If your preferred domain is not available, you will see a text saying that the domain is not available for registration, and they will suggest alternatives with a different suffix like .net .org and other names as well. But go with .com suffix as it is easier for readers and search engines to recognize properly.

If the preferred domain is available for registration, you will be redirected to the purchase page.

2. Enter Account Information

In this step, you need to enter the details for your account. Always give correct information and updated addresses as Bluehost holds the rights to cancel your account anytime if you give the wrong information and if they suspect any irregular activity on your site. Don’t be scared when I say that, it is for our own good as we know the internet is filled with hackers and spammers. So give correct information to prove that you are not one of those hackers and spammers.

3. Package Information

This step is tricky part but there is nothing to get confusion.

In this step, you need to choose your plan.

In the account plan section, you can choose the number of years that you want to subscribe to the services. More the number of years you choose, more you get the discounts.

As you can see, in total they are charging  $285. Don’t get shocked with that. First, uncheck all the extra additional features like Domain Privacy Protection, Site Backup Pro, and Sitelock Security. Don’t get fascinated with those terms as you don’t need them as a beginner and it will cost more money.

Now, this is the most tricky part. Slowly move your mouse towards the right top corner. And you will see a popup as shown in the image below. Make sure to click the claim savings button before closing the popup as it will appear for one time only.

After clicking the button, the huge discount of 65% will be applied to your plan. And you will get a domain and three years hosting plan at just $95.40. Don’t miss it as it one time offer. Check the screen shot below with offer claimed.

4. Payment Information

In the final step, you need to enter the card details. Contact your bank first and make sure that your card is accepted for online purchases as your local card may not work. Check the box to accept the terms and conditions, and click the submit button.

If you have filled all the information correctly and your purchase is successful, then you will be directed to the following page. Click the Get started button and access your Cpanel.

This is the Bluehost Cpanel where you can access your file manager, database, install content management system like WordPress, Joomla, and access other Bluehost features as well.

Wrap Up!

Well, that’s all. It is simple and there is nothing to be confused and overwhelmed. Even if you have any confusion don’t hesitate to drop me comment or you can contact me anytime. I will be glad to help you out.

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