Why custom domain is important for the success of a blog

Why Custom domain name is important for the success of a blog?

If you want to run an online business or want to start a blog, then you already know that you need, a professional domain name. But why buy a domain name when there are free domains available online?

Do you know, the domain name is the online representation of your blog or business?

Using a free domain name such as mydomainname.blogspot.com or mybusiness.wordpress.com can ruin your online presentation and henceforth your business.

But do you know why?

Today I am going to tell you why you should buy a custom domain name and why the custom domain name is so important for the success of a blog or business.

What is a custom domain name?

According to the complete Domain Name Guide, a custom domain name is the name of your own domain, which you buy online and which you actually own.

For example: If you want a new domain name for your coding website, then you can choose http://www.devilcoded.com, rather than using devilcoded.blogspot.com.

A URL consists of many things such as in above example http:// is (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), www is World Wide Web, Devilcoded is domain name and .com is top level domain name extension.

You now know what is custom domain name, so let`s see why it is important for the success of a blog or website.

1) Branding:

When you use a free domain name, you are promoting the main domain of free domain service provider.

But if you buy a custom domain name, you promote your own brand.

For example, if you use ios.blogspot.com, in this you are actually generating value for blogspot, but if you have ioscrunch.com, that means you are generating value for your own brand, and it makes your website become a brand.

Using a custom domain name tells the user that you are a professional business and you have your own brand.

You can easily create social media profiles for your own custom domain name and promote your online presence, but if you create social media profiles for domain with blogspot or wordpress.com and mention that in your social media page, hardly people are going to trust what you share.

2) Promotion:

It is easier to promote custom domain name on various advertising platforms and social media networks, than a free domain name.


Because people trust a brand-able and custom domain name. When they see that a domain name is connected with some other website, they believe that it is nothing other than the copy of some content.

Custom domain names always look attractive and make their own place in the mind of people worldwide very easily.

It is also easy to tell other that you have this myowndomainname.com rather than telling that you have myowndomainname.blogspot.com, people never remember the second word if they are not familiar with the free domain provider site.

3) Earning:

There is no doubt that you can use Adsense on custom free domains also, But when I talk about huge earning, like earning from direct ads, clients or some other business, then you must have a custom domain name.


Because clients and ad seller sites only trust the blogs or websites with custom domain name. Advertisers love to promote their content only on those sites which use custom domain names and paid hosting.

That is why most of the world is using custom domain names.

4) Search Engines love Custom Domains:

Custom domain name tells the user and search engines what is the site all about. It is also easy to choose the desired keywords in custom domain names. This increases the chances of better ranking in search engines.

Search engines also prefer the sites with custom domains and hosting.

If you have searched anything on Google, you may have seen that 99.9% searches shows sites with custom domain name at first page. Because search engines trust custom domain names and they value the hardwork a professional is doing for buying and setting the custom domain name for his blog or business website.


I believe that above reasons are enough to tell you that why custom domain name is important for the success of a blog or online business website. There are people who have started their blogs on free domains, but later they had to move to custom domain names because of the user friendliness and trust issues.

It is always better that you start with a custom domain name and make your blog look professional from the day one.

It also do not cost you millions of dollars as most of the custom domain names available at the average price of $10/annually, which is really cheap. So why don’t buy a custom domain, when you can get huge benefits at a really low price.

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2 thoughts on “Why Custom domain name is important for the success of a blog?”

  1. Hey Ugyen & Gaurav ,

    In my opinion custom domain names are very important if you are running a online business. You should have a Domain Name if your Online Presence is important to you. A good domain name is just like an Online Identity of your business.

    Custom domain name have really numerous worthy benefits on online business – some of them you have described in crystal clear manner and surely helpful for people to understand whole scenario. Eventually, thanks for revealing a light on this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Thanks, Amar, for regularly leaving comments and taking the time to go through the articles. I am glad what Gaurav had to say on the importance of customized domain name has helped you and I hope it will help to other companies as well…

      Have a good day bro!

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