Four Initial Steps To Enter The Blogging World

Four Initial Steps To Enter The Blogging World

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Are you having oceans of ideas for your blog that is on the verge of eruption? Are you thinking of becoming a professional blogger and turn your blogging passion into the next level?

Creating your own website, domains, hosting, WordPress, SEO, and much more might look scary but it is simpler than it sounds. All you need is to overcome your fear and start blogging in a more professional way.

You have the potential, you have the ideas, and you know more than anyone else does, your blog has the capable of going viral, your blog can change the lives of the people, and you can earn thousands of dollars through your blogging skills. But your voice might not be loud enough to be heard in the crowd. You might be blogging in a non-professional way, you might be in the wrong direction, or you are overwhelmed with the initial steps in the journey of PRO blogging.

Don’t have to be anymore, this article will help you with the initial important steps in the journey of professional blogging.

“Journey of thousands of miles begins with single step”.

In this article, you will be learning,

The four initial steps to enter the world of blogging

  1. Important gadgets and network needed to enter blogging.
  2. Three accounts every PRO blogger needs.
  3. Steps to improve your writing skills.
  4. Lifestyle modification for your new career.

1. Important gadgets and network needed to enter blogging.

First things first, you need a laptop, Broadband/WLAN connection, and a smartphone with the 3G/4G connection.

  • Laptop; Blogging through a phone? I don’t think it is possible. It will be very difficult to type long articles and it will be pretty much time consuming. Moreover, it is impossible to add images to the articles through a phone. Get a laptop, does not have to be a latest Apple MAC PRO or latest laptops. It is more than enough if you can connect to the net and support Google Chrome/Firefox.
  • Broadband/WLAN connection; Blogging is all about writing online. Without a good Broadband/WLAN connection, it is pretty much frustrating and annoying. It even reaches to the point of quitting. Trust me, I have been there.

Talk with your network provider, find the best possible way to get the connection which provides 24*7 net connection. (Try hotspot from smartphone if getting connection is hard)

  • Smart Phone with the 3G/4G connection. Visitors are your future customers, they may have doubt or want to comment on any post. They might ask questions and queries any time of the day. But smart Phone makes the accessibility to reply, comment, answer and stay active on social media anywhere and anytime. They will be happier and satisfied from the services we provided if replied instantly. Even you can click pictures and use it for your blog post.

Just imagine, which service provider you like? With good customer care who replies within a minute or the one who takes weeks to get a reply?

2. The three accounts every PRO blogger needs

1. Bank account which has the facility of international debit card/credit card.

Buying a domain and hosting, or receiving your payments earned through your blog, you need a bank account with the international card facilities. This is the most important step for every blogger wanting to enter the Professional blogging.

Today, as the world has changed to digitalization, every bank around the world easily issues international debit/credit card.

As of Bhutan, “Bank of Bhutan” provides this facility and they issue the international debit card within 15 days. All you need to do is visit the nearest branch, fill up the form to apply for an international debit card and submit. If they ask why do you need it, “Tell them you need for the online shopping”. This question is probably asked for the security reasons.

2. PayPal account

This is to secure your card transaction online and as well as to receive your payments earned online.

Most of the hosting, theme, and plugin companies and much more accept PayPal payment. In this world of hacking, we will never know about the online hackers.

Making payments through PayPal secures the transactions as the payment are made through them which takes care of all the transactions.

Most importantly, you can link the card to the PayPal account which means, you don’t have to enter your card details for every transaction you want to make. You just need to provide the email id and the password you used to create PayPal account.

Click Here to sign up for Free PayPal account.

3. Payoneer account

This is kind of similar to PayPal account but more convenient in terms of withdrawing your money earned through your blogs. The most interesting thing of having an account with Payoneer is, they provide a Prepaid card which can be used anywhere around the world.

The company is based in the United States, which means opening an account with them is like opening a bank account in the United States.

If you have earned money online, payout through cheque and wire transfer may take weeks and months. But opting for Payoneer payout, you will receive the money immediately and can withdraw through their Prepaid Card anywhere around the world.

You can even buy domains, hosting, and other online products through the card. It takes more than one month to receive the card as it is sent from the United States but signing up takes only 5 minutes.

Click Here to Sign up for Free Payoneer account and get the United States based Prepaid Card.

3. Steps to improve your writing skills.

Improving your writing skills are also important. Errorless and with no grammar mistakes makes the articles relevant, trusted and shareable.

Think of past 10 articles that you shared on Facebook, were they full of grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes?

Or did you feel impressed or relevant with someone explaining about health care with spelling mistakes? Guess nope.

Do you want that to happen as well on your blog or you want to write a beautiful post with errorless and no grammar mistakes?

I know English is a difficult language and we all make grammar mistakes. But not anymore, let Grammarly handle it for you.

Grammarly comes as an extension for Google Chrome, Windows and Microsoft Word. After signing up with their free account, you can download the extension and install. After that, Grammarly will take care of everything that we typed, be it Spellings or Grammar. It is a simple tool, yet powerful and you can sign up for free unless you choose their premium version.

I use the free version as well, and it serves all the required and necessary things to write an errorless article.

Click Here to Sign up Grammarly for Free and write Errorless English

4. Lifestyle modification for your new career.

This is the most difficult part if you want to become a part-time PRO blogger.

1. You need to change your lifestyle. You need to adjust time from your work for your blog. You need to cut down your leisure time. You need to spend less on entertainments like Social Media and Television. You need to divide your time for your family and blogging. Then only you can create good quality articles.

Need to make a plan, schedule the days to post articles and need to give much time for your blog. Otherwise, your blog will be none other than another junk on an internet.

2. Set up your mind as a blogger. When do you become a real blogger? Have you ever asked this question to anyone? You will probably get dozens of different answers. And it really does not matter. But becoming a blogger, it starts right from you. You become a blogger when you think you are. Nobody will believe in you if you don’t believe yourself. So believe in yourself, set up your mind and proudly become a blogger.

3. Read Books that inspires you. Always stay motivated, follow steps of successful bloggers, read what are the best strategies for your blog and read to improve your blog.

Following are the list of books I have read so far. Some are Free and Some are paid.

Let me tell you my story.

I am a Physical Therapist by profession and working as a civil service in Mongar Regional Referral Hospital, (Second largest hospital of Bhutan). And I know how hard it is to be a part time blogger. Need to keep my health care knowledge up to date, need to take care of my patients, as being the head of the department a lot of office works and meetings piles up every day, need to give time for my wife and family, I run a small family business which keeps me busy the whole evening, like everyone I like Facebook, WeChat, and TV shows. However, when it comes to blogging, I don’t compromise. The love for my blog is my true passion, and this keeps me going.

With this, I don’t mean I hate my job, who would not love it to help and treat a sick person and keep the smile on their face?

But I manage my time properly and efficiently, I work according to my scheduled plan, I help other bloggers to set up their blogs in free time, I blog whenever I get free and during breaks.

It is not the time that you don’t have and the biggest threat. Instead, it is the passion that you don’t have for your blog. So if you think you don’t have enough time for your blog, quit now as you don’t have passion as well. It is just a waste of time.

But if you have that true passion of blogging, and want to take your passion to the next level, then start using your time efficiently, seek opportunities, make necessary changes to your lifestyle and become a PRO blogger sooner.

Wrap Up!

To remind you of the initial steps that you need to take for the PRO blogging journey.

    • Important gadgets and network needed to enter blogging.

Get a laptop, 3G/4G connected smartphone, and good Broadband/WLAN connection

    • Three accounts every PRO blogger needs.

Bank Account with international card facilities, PayPal Account (Click Here to Sign up for Free) and Payoneer Account. (Click Here to Sign up for Free)

    • Steps to improve your writing skills.

Register and Download Grammarly to improve your writing skills. (Click Here to Download for Free)

    • Lifestyle modification for your new career.

Lay down plans, draw schedules and use your time for blog efficiently.

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  1. Hi Ugyen bro,

    I am sure this post will prove really helpful for people who are thinking of starting a blog. I used to have questions related to these when I also joined blogging.

    But your article will save many. But I am not sure if we can use Payoneer debit to withdraw money from our local ATMs. Never had an experience-no balance even to try..:P You can try and let me know bro.


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