Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

When I found out that I like writing more than anything, I decided I will become an online freelance writer. If you are anything like me you’ve probably searched Google for ways to make money at home many, many times. There is obviously ‘more than one way to skin a cat,’ if you will, when it comes to monetizing a home business. In this article I am going to explain how you can start freelance writing jobs for beginners.

I’ll start by saying I have a ton of friends who are in the B2B sales field and love it. I am certain I will make a few of them angry with me when I say that I just don’t feel the risk of investing money into those companies.

When I am thinking of ways I can make money from home, it’s usually because my bills are due and my checking account balance is low. I am not the type that is willing to spend money to make money, unless I am purchasing stock or real estate. Trying to sell supplements, plastic wrappers, or weight-loss shakes is just not meant for me.

There are obviously other options available if business to business sales isn’t your thing: You can sell your gently used items on eBay or Poshmark. You can work for Apple through companies like Kelly Connect that offer remote employment as well as the equipment you need to work from home, or you can do what I did and become a freelance writer using a few of the many online platforms available for writers to sell their services.

Freelance writing came to mind when I started my own personal blog. I was writing to entertain people and share my knowledge in my niche, and working hard to monetize my website when I suddenly found myself wishing I had someone I could delegate some of my writing to help me get it finished faster. It dawned on me that I couldn’t possibly be the only person wishing I had some help in writing and being low on funds, I decided to start researching what it would take to become a freelance writer.

There were many blog articles I came across on the subject of freelance writing jobs for beginners and I found them all to be very helpful. While they were obviously all different in opinion, and each writer experienced a different level of success, every article had the same piece of advice in common: Pick a niche you know and stick to it.

I have to agree that this is THE most important ingredient to a successful writing career. If you are writing about what you know, and writing about what you love, the words flow effortlessly and you are able to better involve yourself in your writing. It’s easier for your creative juices to flow and it makes writing fun and enjoyable.

As Ryan Biddulph (Follow Him on Facebook Here) liberated us on his post 10 tips for starting a blog “finding blogging success is to follow your fun.” Follow your fun, blog what interest you and eventually you will land up with devoted followers.

I made the mistake of taking any jobs offered to me in the beginning of my freelance writing career and I grew to regret it almost instantly. I am someone who thrives on excitement. I love to write about travel, blogging tips, music, and of course making money.

I can remember my very first freelance article: 1000 words on air compressors: the best on the market! I must have sat in my office staring at Google for what felt like an hour, trying to learn all about air compressors and which were the best on the market before I could even begin to write. And you know what, as being in Bhutan, country which is way back from advance technology, I have never seen an air compressors. Anyhow, I was eventually able to submit a great piece of writing to my client, but it wasn’t without struggle. I found the work took longer than any article I’ve ever written simply because it wasn’t in my niche. I was researching things I didn’t have even the slightest bit interest in and thus my creative flow suffered.

It’s incredibly important to be writing about something you know or are at least interested in learning about. It really does make all the difference in your performance as a writer as well as your turn around time; meeting deadlines is of the upmost importance and sticking to your niche will absolutely save time.

Hunting for your Niche, from my previous post will be a great help if you are still overwhelmed on which Niche to blog about.

Now, in my time as a freelance writer I have come to love three online freelance communities to start Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners that I will share with you as follows:

Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

(Keep in mind that craigslist can sometimes be a wonderful way to secure freelance work, but there is no promise of payment like UpWork, Content Mart and Fiverr offer, so use it at your own risk.)

1. UpWork:

UpWork is the leading Freelance platform on the market offering it’s writers a place to bid on jobs with no upfront cost. This was most appealing to me because as I said before, who wants to spend money when their goal is to make money? Right.

The most important thing to consider when joining Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners at UpWork is that there is probably close to one million other writers bidding on the same jobs you are.

Before you begin to build your profile, you need to consider what is going to set you apart from your competition. Put it this way, there are thousands of “Social Media Marketing Specialists” on UpWork ready and willing to write those Tweets and Facebook ads that client is requesting for bottom dollar. However, there are about half as many Search Engine Optimization Ninjas who offer marketing packages including SEO and SMM combined. Maybe you are a stellar copywriter like myself who could sell a fourth floor elevator button to the owner of a three-story building.

Whatever you are, there is a place for you on UpWork if you put enough time and creativity into your profile. UpWork does require approval of each profile; I am not absolutely certain but I think the profile approvals are done by a bot. That said, generic profiles are not approved. It took three revisions and a really out-of-the-box description of myself to get my profile approved there.

I was able to secure my first writing job on UpWork within 24 hours of my profile being approved and I managed to make just under $100 that week. It doesn’t sound like much, but it bought some groceries and definitely wasn’t disappointing. It’s important to avoid any copy and paste proposals when bidding on UpWork jobs. Take the time to read each listing and apply with a custom proposal. Let the client know you read and understood what they are looking for and how your skills can be of use to them. This is something I found to be extremely useful in addition to applying to gigs in my niche. As time went on and my ratings increased, I began to score higher paying jobs, increasing my income by almost $200 per week!

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is another platform that let’s you offer just about any service you want for your client starting at just $5. This can be anything from writing a quick facebook ad for a company to selling likes or subscribers on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

There is not a whole lot you can’t do or find on Fiverr. I personally offer copywriting services on this website starting at $25 per 300 words. On this particular platform you do not have to bid on jobs, the clients come to you by searching Fiverr’s database for what services they are in need of. I like Fiverr because unlike on UpWork, you are able to better control your deadlines. If a client requires additional time, words, or pages they can navigate your payment page and purchase these services from you with ease.

Each of these companies are free to use for writers with the exception of them taking a percentage of your earnings. On UpWork, they start out taking 20% of your earnings for using their services, however the more you make on UpWork, the less the fees are. A writer that is charging a client 500$ only pays a 10% fee. There are no fees to transfer your earnings to your bank account, however you do have to have at least $100 available to do so. Fiverr’s fees are a little more because they only allow you to withdrawal your money to a PayPal account, and then PayPal charges it’s own fees. Let’s say you made $5.00 on Fiverr, and the company takes 20% leaving you with $4.00, PayPal then charges a $0.42 fee leaving you with a balance of $3.58 when it’s all said and done.

3. Your Own Blog

My personal favorite of freelance writing jobs for beginners is being the boss of my own. Let me be straight, I like selling my writings through my own blog. I don’t have to get approved, I don’t have to bid, and I don’t have to find customers. Okay here is the deal, start your own Self-hosted WordPress blog, install an awesome theme, start publishing online, if people like your writings, they will ask you to write for their website, or newsletter, or book, charge them your own price and no fees to pay and receive your Money in your bank. Take a note that best platform to earn online is self-hosted WordPress Blog.


Hell no! It is possible and that is how I do it to increase my online income earnings.

A few months back, I registered a domain related to Physical Therapy Niche, I published few articles and started sharing it on Physiotherapy Group. As being a Physical Therapist myself, I was on many related Facebook group and I had many friends as well who shared my work on their timeline. And one fine day, it was the day when I knew, direct selling of articles is also possible, Physiotherapy Clinic in Delhi asked me to write an article for them to publish on their website. Well, it took few hours to complete, they liked it and paid me through PayPal. One of the important online accounts every blogger needs. More on this, Click Here.

Wrap Up!

If you are truly dedicated to profiting from a freelance writing career, UpWork, Fiverr and your own blog are great places to get started with Freelance writing jobs for beginners and it does not up front cost what so ever. With hard work, dedication, and a keyboard you can be on your way to increasing your income through a love of writing in no time at all!

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  1. Hi Dr Ugyen,

    AS always, this post is so informative, especially to me where the plateforms like “Up Work” and “Fiverr” is completely a new subject. Sometimes, i am wondering like where the hell i have been for all these many years to be always the on the last line to update on such information. Thank you. I am learning a lot from you.

    But one doubt. Is it okay if a single person switch on (sign-in) to both Up work and Fiverr at a same time with same account?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Karma,
      Thanks for dropping by. And I am glad that I am able to help you and my blogs are informative for you.
      Answering to your question, Yes it is absolutely fine to sign up with the same account, in fact, you should always use the same account to avoid unnecessary confusion of having many email accounts.
      Even I am registered to both, and there are other sites to be a freelance writer, will update once I am done working there…
      Anyway.. All the best… Have fun with the blogging journey.

  2. Hey Ugyen,

    Amazing stuff regarding subject. You have arises great points in this post and they are really appreciable. With the evolution of technology, freelancers conduct most, if not all, of their work using computers and often submit finished pieces to clients via the Internet.

    As salaried positions become more difficult to secure, competition for freelance jobs may increase and cause a writer’s income to fluctuate. I’ve known about Fiverr for a few months now, but only recently did I decide to give the service a try.

    Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for professional and creative services. With simple and intuitive tools, Fiverr connects small business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-ups with thousands of quality graphic designers, copywriters, video editors and much more with just a few taps. Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

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