Full Time Job Vs Your Blogs How to balance your time

Full Time Job and Your Blogs | How to balance your time?

Having a difficult time to balance with your full-time job and blogging?

Or are you at the point of giving up blogging?

Or maybe you have already given up your blogs.

Sounds familiar? And are you fitting in any of those categories?

If so, then you are at the right point of your life as you will be discovering and learning how to manage your Full-Time Job with your blogs and write faster.

Why listen to me?

“Who the hell am I that I can to listen to you?”

If you are asking this question right now, I am Ugyen, Clinical Physical Therapist, working Full-Time in the second largest Hospital in Bhutan. And I am the founder of the blog that you are reading right now, who makes extra cash online through it.

So basically, I work Full-Time and I am a professional blogger as well.

During my initial time in blogging, especially maintaining a blog for bloggers wasn’t easy and I was exactly where you are right now. I almost gave up.

But now, just take a look at my blogs, how great it looks (AHEM! AHEM!) and how often I publish new posts. I have full attendance in my job, and in fact, I am spending more time with my patients.

How do I do that? How can I blog every day and spend more time with my patients?

Let’s get into it right away.

1. Overcome the Writer’s Block

A few months ago, I thought not getting enough time to write/ blog was the main cause of not able to blog consistently.

“If you want to write better, your fingers need to be on your keyboards.” I often said that to my friends and on my blogs.

I was wrong. The main causes were not my Full-Time job or not the fingers on the keyboard, it was writer’s block.

What is writer’s block?

You are in front of your computer’s screen, and fingers on the keyboard. You have an idea in your brain and wanted to create an awesome blog post. But you are left with the cursor blinking at you. Nothing comes up in mind to write as if your brain is been frozen. That’s writer’s block.

If you are a victim of writer’s block, there is no way you can write a piece of content even if you manage time from your Full-Time job.

How to overcome?

  •  Don’t write and edit at the same time.

Editing and writing are two different phases. Our brain works separately for each and there is no way, it can be done together.

If you write and edit at the same time, the brain has to switch often and it can make the brain get fatigued sooner.

So, write your first draft without reading back the sentences, don’t bother of punctuations, grammar mistakes, and spelling mistakes. The best practice is writing an article with disabled grammar checker and proofreader.

Finished with the first draft? Great! Then proceed with editing and proofreading your article. With that, you can avoid switching your brain going into Writing and Editing phase.

  • Choose an appropriate timing.

When do you write? Whenever you get free time, right?

Actually, that’s a wrong timing. You should not be writing every time you get free.

For instance, you don’t have work in your office hours today, and you have decided to blog. The environment of your office is for your office works, that’s what your brain has already established.

Can you write a sad scene when you are happy? Can you write a happy scene when you are sad?

Likewise, you can not write when you are in office as we don’t like doing office works at our home (Unless submission day is tomorrow).

So find an appropriate time, maybe after Office, or it can be in Lunch Break, or when everyone has slept in the evening, or when everyone hasn’t woke up in the morning. Don’t just mix up things, your office work, and your blog.

  • The wrong Niche

Imagine, a Surgeon who doesn’t like cooking is blogging on Food recipe or a Farmer who does not know how to drive explaining on car maintenance. It will be difficult for them, right? And it would take hours and hours of research and several Writer’s blocks. That’s what happens when you are into the wrong niche.

So, sit back, think properly, give time to yourself before you start a blog and choose a niche that you know the most and what interest you the most at least.

I have a full-time job and I have been blogging for three years without missing a day. Which means I know how to manage my time for my blogs along with my full-time job. So it took only 30 minutes to complete this 1500 words article (including editing and proofreading).

Hope it made sense.

2. Get accessible to more options.

Where do you blog? I mean, what device you use to blog or write your craft.

Only on your computer?

Suppose, an idea just hit your mind. You need to walk towards your computer, open and hit the power button. Wait for the computer to get booted, connect to the internet, open your WordPress site to start writing.

Bang! Half of the idea will be forgotten already.

On the other hand, what you need to do is, install WordPress on your smartphones, or use Evernote to jot down your thoughts on your phone instantly and easily as our smartphones remain with us most of the time.

You can also carry a notepad and a pen so that you are easily accessible to work with your blogs, you can write down points and ideas anytime. Don’t be limited with only one option, find ways to open the door with more options.

I prefer the laptop over desktop as it is more portable, I carry my phone which is installed with WordPress and Evernote with me always. I keep notepads all over my house, one in front of TV (if an idea comes up while watching TV), one on the dining table (to use during my meal time), and one in the balcony (Where I drink my evening tea.) Finally, my Ipad beside my bed so that I can write ideas and points before and after bed.

Those are just an examples, but you will come up with more.

3. Minimize your distraction

Our mind can get distracted easily in seconds. And nowadays, with more online Social Media and online services, it is getting even more difficult for every writer to be focused on the craft. I mean it, almost every writer (means you are not alone).

You get busy in your office hours, and the only time you get to spend on your passion is after office, or in the evening or early morning. And you waste your precious time on social media and get distracted easily.

So how can you minimize your distraction?

Put off your cell phone, disconnect your internet and use a blank page in Microsoft Word or any apps that you use for your craft.

You can even use pen and blank paper as it does not have any engaging apps or services.

And yeah, don’t research and write together as well. You might open up your browser to research on Google, but I am sure you will land up on Facebook, commenting on what your friends are doing.

4. Use tools that convert voice to text

Something I discovered lately.

There are apps like VoiceToText, Speech Notes, Dragon Dictation etc., that converts our voice to text automatically. Just google it find out such apps, and almost all are absolutely free.

Got tired of your busy office today and don’t have the energy to type?

Well, those apps are the GO.

Ever since I used those apps, I was able to write faster. Actually, it means we speak faster than we type.

So if you are thinking, that you are limited with time because of your full-time job, then you should definitely download those apps now which are available for your computer as well as for your phone.

5. Build your Writer’s Muscles stronger

Do you remember your first time playing soccer or football, or basketball, or swimming, or even a small run? How did you feel? Got tired sooner and your muscles got sore and had pain the day after, right? But you felt better and comfortable as you keep the continuation?

That happens with writings as well. If you get fatigue sooner with your blogs or not able to write faster, it means your writer’s muscle is weaker.

Same like other muscles in our body, we need to use frequently to strengthen it.

So be consistent and you should not let a day go without a thought for your craft and passion. Make a habit of writing at least of 1000 words, that’s what Ryan Biddulph says on his Blog, Blogging from Paradise. He is one kind of a guy, that every blogger on earth should refer and learn. He teaches on blogging tips which will help our Writer’s muscle get stronger. You can connect him on Facebook.

It may take a couple of hours at the beginning, but as you go along and when your writer’s muscle get stronger, you can do it in 30 minutes. Which means, you can post an amazing and engaging 1000 blog post in your 45 minutes Lunch Break.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lunch break but my clinic gets closed by 3 PM. So, I spend time on my blogs and writing at four and ends up at five with 1500 words articles. Amazed? It’s just a practice and matter of time.

Wrap Up!

If you are one those with Full-Time Job and finding ways to be with your passion for blogging, I hope the tips mentioned above have helped you by somehow.

Don’t back off with your blogs because of your full-time job. It is just the strategies and tips you need to adjust and practice.

If you have anything more and awesome strategy, do comment below, as I would love to read them and add it to this post to help the struggling blogger with a full-time job.

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  1. Nice article for job holders those love to do blogging with job. This really hard to balance both thing in life. I know some bloggers those are just doing blogging because for their hobbies with Job & they have such big task to balance both thing once.

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