How to Get Traffic to Your Blog as a Newbie

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog as a Newbie?

Zero, one, two, maybe ten!

Are those figures come over and over again on your analytics dashboard every day?

You know you try your best with writing articles. Still, there is no one other than you and your friends to visit your blog.

Can you relate to this? Then, you are not alone.

Truth be told, you have to care about things like keyword research, optimizing your content for search engines, and backlinks to get tons of traffic flooding into your blog.

I know it! You can’t have all the knowledge in a day and it takes time.

So, how can you attract at least a few hundreds of people to come and read your blog? Well, you have got your answer here.

5 Actionable Tips to Get Traffic

I have collected a few working tips to attract decent traffic to your blog. You can apply these tips as a newbie.

1. Network with Other Bloggers

Let us assume that you own a blog on blogging. Means you write blogging tips. It is obvious that your target audience is bloggers. (Even if it isn’t, this tip works well).

All you have to do is reaching out to them. How can you do it?

No one is ever going to pay heed to what you say out of the blue. So, you have to get familiarize.

First, find five influencers in your niche. Don’t go for people who are always busy and delegate the work to their assistants (example Neil Patel). There are tons of popular bloggers who do all the work by themselves.

You have to find them, read their blog, share their content often, and email them occasionally to tell them about the quality of their articles.

And slowly, they will start noticing you and your blog. After a few months, you can send a link to your blog post for their analysis. I recommend you add a link to their top article. Then, you can tell them that they have been mentioned.

Once they share your content, at least a few of their massive number of followers will have a look at your blog.

2. Roundup Posts

You might have seen roundup posts featuring tons of experts. Why does they approach a lot of people, why not ten or twenty?

The higher the number of people taking part in your roundup, the greater your traffic will be.

Simply put, a roundup post is a collection of expert opinions. Before you go for this, you have to have genuine connections with those whom you want to feature in the roundup (follow the above method to make connections).

No, just don’t invite everyone blindly. All you have to do is creating an excel sheet. Then, find 50-100 bloggers.

I am not going into the SEO aspects of their blogs. What we target here is purely social traffic. So, you have to analyze the social profiles of those bloggers. If you get convinced with the engagements and fan following, you can choose him/her.

Then read their posts, share them often, comment under their tweets, and email them about the quality of their content.

After a few months, you can request them to take part in your roundup posts.

3. Social Media

You use Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Google Plus too.

Do you know there are many other social media platforms having the potential to send huge amount of traffic to our blog?

There are Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and more. And, I don’t want you to go for all of them at once.

First, you have to target one. Let’s say Pinterest. Then, you need to read the rules of sharing your content there. And, follow the influential people in your niche. Don’t forget to share their content and engage with them.

Obviously, the followers of those influencers will notice you sooner or later. If you provide meaningful content, they will start following you and read your content as well.

Once you get some good figures on one social network, you can start another one. (Don’t ignore the first one).

4. Guest Blogging

Don’t listen to some SEO gurus. They may say guest blogging is dead. But no!

So, what is this guest blogging?

As the name says, you publish posts on others’ blogs as a guest author. Apparently, the owner of the blog wants you to share valuable content with his/her audience.

So, you must do it?

Well, how you can bag guest blogging opportunities? As a newbie, you have nothing but your blog. Hence, you need to manually reach out to blog owners with an introduction to yourself and link to your best article.

The response rate will be less. So, you have to keep on pitching bloggers.

Once you get a positive response, give your best. Most probably, they will allow you to include one or two links to your blog. Make them count!

5. Don’t Stop Learning

Google is a never ending mine of traffic. So, you have to learn SEO.

I know you are a newbie. But SEO will be fruitful for long term.

There are tons of guides you can find on the web about SEO. You can start with Moz’s SEO guide for beginners.

Changes happen often in SEO. For the same reason, you have to keep yourself updated. Follow SearchEngineLand to get the latest trends.

Wrapping Up

You have got five tips to attract good amount of traffic to your blog.

Are you going to close this tab and keep on doing the same as you used to?

No, shake of your laziness! You can grow, but only when you work hard. So, follow all these tips I have mentioned. You will thank me later.

Don’t forget to share these actionable tips with your blogger friends on social media. And, scribble your thoughts into the comment section down below.

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4 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic to Your Blog as a Newbie?”

  1. Hi Dr,

    This is a one, the most helpful blog post. You have jotted it down very well and very clearly.

    Thank you for sharing and i admit to be guided by these tips for my blog.

  2. Hey Ugyen,

    Willing to read your amazing stuff. Guest blogging is, indeed one of the powerful ways of building strong bond relationship with other bloggers as well as audience, healthy relationships that may help you in numerous ways including business development opportunities, setting brand value and professional connections etc.

    It is a really great and effective way to build your social media presence online. Roundup posts are also a effective source of getting large traffic for your post. From my opinion these facts are really effective for newbies as well as expert ones. Eventually, thanks for exploring your wonderful experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    1. Hi Amar,
      Much appreciated with your comments bro. Thank you for checking out my blogs regularly and I am glad you found it effective. Getting comments from you is honored and it helps me keep going.
      Good Day Ahead Bro.

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