How grammarly changed my blogs

How Grammarly changed my blogs

“Wow, you have a good Written English”

How cool it would be if someone compliments our writing. Every day, we wish, we dream and we work hard to create an error less English, and still we don’t hear someone complimenting our English.

Online business is getting way competitive, and we need good English to impress our readers and search engines. Otherwise, no one is going to buy a product from you or hire you for any reasons.

But how do we maintain good written English?

It is harder than what we think, as English isn’t native for most of us.

I know it is frustrating, nothing helps and online courses are expensive and time-consuming.

Are you at this point where you desperately need to improve your English?

I was exactly in your position a year ago. Until I downloaded Grammarly.

It was the game changer for my blogs.

My Grammarly Experience

“You have a terrible English, are you using Grammarly? You need to download now.” One of my blogger friends said that two years ago. He recommended me Grammarly.

I started blogging in 2014, and I have published more than one hundred posts that year. But I didn’t get a single subscriber, my average time spent was extremely terrible, bounce rate was very high, no returning visitors and never sold a single copy of my ebook. My dream of making money online and to lead a comfortable life remained as a myth.

I tried every step to make my headlines sound clickable, offered free products in exchange of emails, joined advertising network to reach more people for my blogs, did everything it needed to be done to boost my blogs but never happened. I felt a complete failure in blogging and I wondered where I was wrong.

Analyzing my blogs and my friend’s comment for my terrible English I realized it was my Article quality with a lot of Grammar mistakes. It blocked my way of becoming a successful online earner.

Just imagine, who would waste money to buy products from a person whose English is bad, will you?

Who would subscribe and like to receive a newsletter from a blog with full of grammar and spelling mistakes?

Will you put a value on an article, if it has a terrible English?

Will you refer an article for your project if it has spelling mistakes?

That was the reasons, why my blogs were doing extremely bad. I had a terrible English structure.

Fortunately, thanks to my friend and Grammarly. As soon as I downloaded the Grammarly Chrome extensions, my blog was rising. My subscriber list was improving, bounce rate was getting better and visitors came back to read my updates.

I started to receive comments like “Good written English, the articles has good value.” That’s right, articles with a good English adds Authorship, value, and Readership which is one of the most important factors in the blogosphere.

Now I can post any articles without any hesitant about my English and to get praises for my English does not surprise me anymore, it became a daily ritual.

Grammarly Reviews

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an application that detects grammar and spelling mistakes. Be it a blog post, or tweet, or Facebook status, or projects, it handles everything. It just automatically proofread each and every word. It has helped many bloggers, authors and freelance writers to find and correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

Four Products from Grammarly

Grammarly has four products which are developed to work for different purposes on a different platform. And unlike other online apps, all the products are free.

1. Online Text Editor

There are a lot of online text editor and more will be entering the market every year. But they are expensive and can’t think of affording them first of all. And features like saving your notes online and grammar proofreading, they come separately or which means you need to purchase separately.

Well, no worries, Grammarly got it all. The text that you enter or punch in online text editor app, the proofreading takes place automatically. You can save the notes in their database and you can access them anytime and anywhere after logging in into your Grammarly account.

2. Browser extension

One of the most widely used extensions and my personal favorite. This extension works on chrome, Firefox, Safari browser, which you can get it easily upon signing up for the Grammarly account. Be it a 50 character tweet, or 50,000 character blog post, it checks each and every word. It gives suggestions for the mistakes and you can select the correct word from the list with just a click.

Almost every blogger, has now installed Grammarly on their browser. What are you waiting for? Click Here to get it for free.

3. Grammarly for Microsoft Office

If you are a writer or use Microsoft Office mostly, this product is the right choice. It comes as an extension for Microsoft Office. After signing for Grammarly account, you need to download “Grammarly for Microsoft office” and install. After that, you can easily enable the Grammarly by clicking the button on right side corner.

4. Grammarly for Desktop

This product comes in two flavors. That is for MAC and for Windows. It has similar features like online editing tool version, you can add a new post, save notes and check your grammar and spellings automatically.

Watch Softpedia explainer video, Grammarly for Windows.

Grammarly Free Download

How Do Grammarly works?

They have 250 algorithms that check Grammar and proofread each and every sentence. You heard it right, 250 algorithms, no wonder it is the best Proofreading tools for every Blogger and Writer.

Whether you choose browser extension product or any other product, those algorithms work together on every product without any difference.

Source: FAQ in Grammarly website.

Is Grammarly Free?

Yes, Grammarly is absolutely free.

However, there is premium version as well.

But for a normal Blogger and Author, Free version is far enough and I personally use the free version and I get everything that I need from it.

Premium Grammarly vs Free Grammarly

  1. Free version works on 150 algorithms and premium works on 250 algorithms.
  2. Premium Grammarly has Plagiarism Checker. It detects whether the sentences that you have written are posted in somewhere else. This allows you to create a unique sentence for your articles. You know, to rank higher in search Engines, you need unique contents.
  3. Offers alternative words. For example, if Grammarly detects an error in your article, Free version will suggest you only one word to replace, but Premium will suggest alternative words and help you improve a readability score.
  4. Easy understanding. The free version will only detect and give the suggestion for the changes but does not explain what is wrong in the article. So by opting premium Grammarly, you will be learning English side by side with the explainer on what is wrong in the article.

So, if you have extra budget and want to write a native English, don’t hesitate to grab the premium version and I can guarantee that you won’t regret.

Which one is right for you? Premium or Free

If you meet any of the following, then you should go for Grammarly Premium.

  1. If you want to write a native English
  2. If you are serious about your articles and blogs
  3. If you have extra budget for your writing and blogging career
  4. Don’t want to spend money for Proofreader and Editor
  5. Impress your Readers and Friends
  6. Want to rank higher in Search Engines
  7. Want to boost your books and digital products.
  8. If you want to get more followers and subscribers.

Wrap Up!

Whether you want to increase your Subscribers or want to sell more of your digital products or rank higher in search engines, it is not your headlines, keywords, SEO, juice links or social share. It is a simple thing, it is your written English. And Grammarly will do all the works for you. It can take your blogs and content to the new next level. All you have to do is download the app right now.

Get Free Grammarly Now.

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  1. I’ve used grammarly a handful of times. It’s really great. It’s also an important tool for people who enjoy writing.

  2. I LOVE me some Grammarly! I’ve been using it ever since I saw their promo on YouTube.
    My only let down with them is that they don’t have Canadian English so I have to choose between American and UK, niether of which is just right.

  3. This is really interesting! English is not my first language either and although I write pretty good, I know I can do much better! Thanks for the recommendation.

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