How to install wordpress on Bluehost CPanel

How to install WordPress on your domain from Bluehost CPanel?

You bought a domain and a hosting from Bluehost, now What?

You want to install WordPress as it is one of the best blogging platforms, but how and where? If you are searching answers for those questions, you are at the right place.

In this post, I am going to explain step by step procedure on How to install WordPress on your Bluehost CPanel.

Step 1: Login to your Bluehost CPanel.

If you have bought Hosting and domain from Bluehost, you might have received login credentials to access your Bluehost Cpanel. After logging in, you will be able to see exactly the same as shown in the picture below.


Step 2. Click Install WordPress button under Website section

Inside your CPanel, you can see a particular section “Website”. You just need to click the button “Install WordPress” inside that section. That is the beauty of Bluehost, for its simplicity features and easy to install Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla etc.

Step 3. Select Your domain for installation

In this step, you have to choose which version of your domain you want to install WordPress. As pointed by the arrow 1, you can see different versions of your domain like, with none- www, and with www. You can choose any of it as there are no rules for that. (If you choose none-www, your site will be and if you choose with www version, then it will be If you have purchased and installed SSL, you can see additional options, i.e. Https:// or Http://.

If are confused which one to choose, just go ahead with one with www ( as it looks more professional and most websites have that version, including Facebook.

In regard with Https:// and Http://, skip this part as you don’t need it as a beginner and it is beyond the scope of this post to explain in detail.

In the second part, the box numbered 2, keep it blank. Keeping it blank will install WordPress in the root of your domain. For example, if you have entered the “blog” in the box, you have to type in the browser to access your blogs. But in the other way, if you keep it blank, you can directly type and you can access your blog.

In the lower part, you can see an option, Let a Pro do it for you (Recommended). Go ahead if you have the budget but trust me, you can do it by yourself.

Step 4. Enter details for your WordPress Login credentials

  1. Name of your site, for example, mine, would be Blogging On My Mind as my domain is
  2. Enter the username, that you going to use to login into your WordPress.
  3. Enter your email id.
  4. And then, the admin password. Keep a highly secured password to protect your site from getting hacked and filled with spam logins. Mix your password with Uppercase, Lowercase, symbols, and numbers.
  5. In the fifth part, check all the boxes, shown with a circle and numbered 5 in the image above.
  6. And finally, click the button, Install.

Wait for few minutes for the magic to happen.

If you see as shown in the image below with the installation complete notification, that means, you have correctly installed your website with WordPress and you are ready to go with the blogging.

Step 5. Login into your WordPress

This is the final step. You have successful installed WordPress in your domain and is ready for you to start blogging.

To Login into your WordPress, there are two options.

1. Type your domain and followed by forwarding slash and wp-login.php. (

2. In the second method, type your domain and followed by forwarding slash and wp-admin. (

Both of the methods will take you to the same page.

Now enter your Username or email address and your Password that you used during WordPress installation.

Bingo, that’s it. You will be inside your WordPress Dashboard and ready to rock and roll. If you have any questions and doubts regarding this process, just hit me a comment or contact me anytime.

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