Hunting Niche Ideas to Start a Successful Blog

Hunting Niche Ideas to Start a Successful Blog

Finding the right niche which is your specialty, capability and profitable as well is much important than writing a good quality content. There are plenty of resources that explains the niche ideas, but this post is to the point and everything that blogger needs to know.

In this article, you will be learning on finding niche ideas for your blog through understanding basics of niche.

  • What is niche?
  • Types of niche.
  • How to plan niche for your blogs.
  • What you have to decide before starting
  • What do you need to analyze

Steps for Finding Niche Ideas for your blog

What is Niche?

Biologically speaking, a niche is a term coined to explain the role of an organism in an ecosystem, broadly speaking it described the role of an organism in an environment and organisms’ interactions with each other. But in modern day the concept of niche has evolved with the evolution of organisms and information technology, and now niche can be employed to specify anything.

In the world of blogging, a niche is mostly defined as “whatever you are going to blog about” or “category you are going to blog about”. So if you are thinking of starting a blog, or diverging and expanding your existing blog, then this article can help you in deciding how you want to blog and what you want to blog about.

For example, the niche of my blog is how to help other bloggers to blog productively, now is this a narrow niche or a broad niche, and will blogging about this generate expected revenues for me? Analyzing and deciding this is not as simple as it looks. Deciding what the niche of your blog is going to be about is an essential factor that needs to be decided not only before starting the blog but even for established blogs.

We will discuss on different types of niches with different examples first so that it will be easier for the potential bloggers to decide what their niche should be.

Types of Niche

Narrow Niche

Narrow niche is when you are specifically writing about one topic only, or a sub-category of a bigger topic, for example, a blog about hair could have anything but breaking it down into a blog about hair style only or hair care products only would make it a specific blog or narrow niche blog, and targeted audience would only be people who are interested in learning more about hair care products or are looking for reviews.

Broad Niche

However, if I have a blog that’s only about hair, or about traveling then that would be a broad niche. My targeted audience could be anyone interested in hair, and traveling in case of the second blog. Such blog would cover the broad spectrum under a larger category.

Multiple Niche

If you are someone who does not want to be limited to one niche, whether it’s broad or narrow, you could think about writing in multiple niches, for example I recently came across a blog that discussed photography, travel blogging, cheap travelling, food, environment, and healthcare, now all of these things could attract different kinds of readers, I personally was only interested in cheap travelling parts, and did not look at travel blogging and environment, but that does not mean other readers are not interested, too. There might be people who are interested in all the activities, or only specific ones or none at all.

Affiliate Niche

This type of niche is an advanced category in which a blogger write reviews, product details, comparison with other products and blog on promoting the product selected. This type of niche is popular among Amazon product affiliate, and bloggers make thousands of dollars through such blog. For example, writing reviews, product details and blog promoting best wheelchair from Amazon is Affiliate Niche.

How to plan niche ideas for your blogs?

Niche ideas planning and choosing niche is essential steps to becoming a successful blogger. The amount of traffic you will get for your blog, types of visitors and how much revenue you will generate from your blog, your niche will decide.

Grab a pen and paper or your laptop (whichever is convenient for you), then analyze and jot it down the answers for the following questions.

What you have to decide before starting?

· What my niche is going to be specifically?

· Who will be interested and would interested people want to connect to my blog?

· Do I like blogging on that niche?

· Are there enough bloggers out there who would want to connect with me and each other through my blog?

· Or should I include blog improvement and promotion tips as well to attract existing bloggers. Those questions should be asked before deciding your niche.

What do you need to analyze?

1. What category you are specialized in? Like healthcare, environment, birds, trees, mountains, education, marketing, creative writings, cooking, fashion, travel, politics, etc.

2. How much do you know about that category?

3. What is your interest?

4. Why you are starting the blog?

5. Why your blog will be read by others?

6. What’s your objective?

7. What kind of outcome you are expecting?

8. How will be different from others?

Have you finished answering the above questions? Well, your answers will decide whether your chosen niche is a perfect decision for you or not.

Wrap Up!

The key is to analyze your likes and interest and start a blog that you like putting an effort into.

As a tip usually it is always better to start with a narrow niche if you are a first timer, and then slowly expand into other niches. Get your readers interested first, establish your name and then expand. If you are about to enter the blogging world, click here to read Four Initial Steps to Enter the Blogging World.

This is some simple step yet powerful tips on finding out the perfect niche ideas for your blog.

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